There are multiple physiological and psychological health benefits that massage may provide to the recipient. Proper massage is a non-invasive, supportive modality which  is tailored to your dog’s individual needs as well as your goals. Massage aids in the movement of fluid through the body, releases adhesions in the fascia (What is fascia?), balances muscular tensions, increases proprioceptive awareness as well as promotes relaxation or vitality based on the application.

Listed below are various links to related studies about the benefits of massage.

Reduces muscle soreness after exercise: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Immune system support: Immune Function

Promotes the release of endorphins: Endorphin Release

The mission of Virtuoso Canine is to provide support to your canine partner through scientifically valid means. Please note that massage is not meant to replace proper veterinary care. Neither is it intended to treat or diagnose an issue. Rather it is a supportive modality, with multiple benefits.