Welcome to Virtuoso Canine, where the focus is supporting your canine through life’s adventures! Whether you live for the thrill of a flawless agility run, the serene pleasure of a mountaintop sunrise or the warming joy of a cuddle on the couch with your canine partner, massage has multiple benefits. Please explore the resources of this site and beyond to learn more.


There are multiple physiological and psychological health benefits that massage may provide to the recipient. Proper massage is a non-invasive, supportive modality which¬† is tailored to your dog’s individual needs as well as your goals. Massage aids in the movement of fluid through the body, releases adhesions in the fascia (What is fascia?), balances muscular tensions, increases proprioceptive awareness as well as promotes relaxation or vitality based on the application.

Listed below are various links to related studies about the benefits of massage.

Reduces muscle soreness after exercise: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Immune system support: Immune Function

Promotes the release of endorphins: Endorphin Release

The mission of Virtuoso Canine is to provide support to your canine partner through scientifically valid means. Please note that massage is not meant to replace proper veterinary care. Neither is it intended to treat or diagnose an issue. Rather it is a supportive modality, with multiple benefits.

Meet Cami

Welcome to Virtuoso Canine, my name is Camille Horton and I am a certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner through the Northwest School of Animal Massage. While I daylight as a Mechanical Engineer, my other passion is agility and other performance dog sports! I am a member of Boise Agility Runners and Climbers as well Idaho Capital City Kennel Club. As an engineer, I thoroughly enjoy learning and may be a bit obsessive in my attention to the details. Since 2012 I have been an agility addict and decided to further my skills for supporting and enhancing my canine partners through massage in 2015.

Throughout my childhood, I rode and competed with horses in 4-H, pony club as well as the local Hunter-Jumper circuit and was a member of the Montana State University Horseman’s Team. There is an extra special bond that forms when you work closely with an animal and learn to talk the same language. Transitioning to dog sports was a natural progression that brought the added benefit of being able to hike, camp and go on other adventures with them as well!

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The Virtuosos


Delightfully Dante BN / NADAC: O-IAC

Dante was a gentleman and the start of my passion for agility. He was such a joy, and loved to do things together especially luxuriate on the couch. Snow was his favorite, my fondest memories are of our many showshoeing adventures together. While he was not particularly fond of change, we had a lovely journey together learning about dog training. He is truly missed.





Vie is a fearless and determined partner who inspires me to be a better handler. He gives his all in every run and expects the same from me. Day to day, his quirky sense of humor never ceases to entertain. Photo-bomber extraordinaire, he enjoys having his picture taken almost as much as he loves water and agility.


Virtuoso Fusion de Haute Volee

Fusion is an adrenaline junky who has never met a stranger. He is teaching me about finesse with his responsiveness in agility and training. Everything is a joyful adventure with him, and I look forward to our journey.